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6219 Villa Street, Alexandria, VA 22310

Mt. Vernon Stake Center, VA

Workshop Descriptions​


Stress Management for Bishops

Andrew W. Mueller, M.A., LCPC-S, NCC

This workshop will provide some basic principles for managing stress, as well as an opportunity talk through some of the challenges that leaders face. It is especially intended for bishops, though others in similar leadership positions are welcome to attend. The presenter is a professional counselor who specializes in stress and anxiety management, and who also currently serves as a bishop. Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Supporting the Supporters: Providing Relief for Relief Society Leaders

Mallory Jackson, LMFT

Relief Society Presidents and counselors are invited to attend this workshop wherein we will discuss common challenges experienced while serving in this calling. Participants will be invited to share their experiences to receive support from the presenter and other participants as well as discuss a systematic way for effectively approaching their most challenging situations. Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Setting Spirited Kids up to Feel the Spirit

Michelle Fowler MA, LAC

This workshop will provide a basic background on common special needs diagnosis and treatment. It will also provide evidence-based techniques for supporting these children in a learning environment. This workshop is intended for those working with or supervising programs for children and youth with special needs. The presenter is a professional counselor who specializes in ADHD and solution-focused techniques.   

How to Help Someone Who Is Unemployed/Making a Career Change

Caitlin Magidson, NCC, LCPC and Rebecca Raphael

Learn about the process of career development and how to help someone in your ward who may be struggling to find a new job. Caitlin Magidson, NCC, LCPC who works as a Career Coach at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and as a Mental Health Counselor in private practice will co-present with Rebecca Raphael, Development Counselor with the church's Development Counseling Services.

Suicide Prevention

Carrie Nicholes, LCSW

As suicide rates are on the rise, it is becoming essential for church leaders to identify, understand, and have tools for responding to members who struggle with mental illness and suicidal ideation. This workshop will aid in identifying the signs and symptoms of suicidal individuals and empower leaders with actionable skills to compassionately and competently respond to these situations.

How to Connect With Your Spouse When You Can't Talk About It

Kendra Woolstenhulme, LGMFT, MS

Whether it be a church calling that requires to keep confidences or a job or career that keeps you from sharing part of your life with your spouse it can be difficult to feel connected. In the session we will discuss ways to connect even when there are things that you can't talk about. We will also discuss how to feed your marriage relationship when it seems there isn't enough time for each other.


FAQs about Pornography Addiction and Treatment

LuAnn C. Oliver, LCSW with Beth and Sam Pascoe

Are you wondering how to know when someone has an addiction and needs help? Not sure how to help as a leader? Wondering when and how therapy can help? We will explore the answers to these challenging questions with 3 professionals who have served hundreds of clients with these issues. This workshop will be facilitated by LuAnn C. Oliver, LCSW (local LDS therapist) with special guests Beth Pascoe, LCSW, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and Sam Pascoe who will share insights gained from their personal and professional life experiences

Approaches to Difficult Topics as a Parent, Support, or Friend

Jackie Aston, LCSW-C

This workshop discusses some of the ways we parent and support our loved ones. You will learn how to be more effective as a support and parent and how to approach difficult conversations.

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